ALIEN (1979) Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Things You Missed

ALIEN (1979) Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Things You Missed. In this video, we break down the Alien. We return to LV-426 and Nostromo to breakdown all the Easter Eggs, Hidden Details and Things you Missed throughout the Movie. Released in the year 1979 by Ridley Scott this came hot off the heels of Star Wars and it changed the Sci-Fi genre.

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35 thoughts on “ALIEN (1979) Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Things You Missed

  1. Well, I agree in most of it. Some interpretations more obvious than others. I think though that the hyper-sleep scenes are being overinterpreted somewhat. They are building up a fantastic tension and and a sense of a believable future here, also a somewhat dystopic feeling. The actors are believable in there mundane behavior. They just work there and are pissed about salaries and their journey being interrupted. But like stated in the beginning in this video, connecting that and some other things with symbolics in birth and such, nah, hardly believe they had such deep intentions for all scenes.

    The book version explains a lot about the crew and how they were assigned. Very worthwhile reading. Admittedly though, that's also an interpretation.

  2. Roger Ebert had a great comment:

    He said the actors besides Weaver were all between 35 and 45 at the time of filming and it adds to the film in that they are grizzled veterans. If it were made today, they would all be 25 year old hearthrobs and it wouldnt make the story look authentic.

  3. I've studied this and Aliens (Director's Cut), my personal favorite, in detail and this is the fundamental difference:

    *Alien is a like when the roller coaster starts and it slowly, slowly builds that feeling of dread until there is a crescendo.

    *Aliens is the story to study for anyone interested in writing. It's a truly perfect example of storytelling. And Cameron spends almost 90 minutes setting up the end. And at the perfect moment, where one more scene would make it clunky, he flips the switch and we get 50 minutes of absolute chaos and perfection.

  4. It's a truly fantastic, classic film. One of the greatest films out there. But the sequel by James Cameron, is absolutely on my Mt. Rushmore of the greatest films ever made. I've got 8,000 DVDS, and 7996 of them aren't as good as Aliens (Director's Cut). To me, the story ended there. Never bothered to watch 3 or 4. However, Covenant wasn't horrible.

  5. Ash more than likely trapped jonesey in the locker. Given the predatory nature of cats, jonesey would have stalked and killed the alien nymph if given the opportunity.

  6. One other thing to notice is that Lambert and Parker are, at least friends with benefits. Notice their interaction at the breakfast. It also explains why Parker can’t just blast Lambert and the Alien later.

  7. I always felt like the people turning into eggs scene made sense from a life cycle point of view. The Aliens are very hive like when they've got a queen, dragging people off to get infected. But the Alien from the first film is completely alone. It made a lot of sense to me that they've got some other, unknown process to get themselves a face hugger, which seems a vital step towards making a queen.

  8. I laugh about the guy sticking his face in the alien egg and how we think "what a dumb scientist" But lets not forget about the scientist(s) that used a damn screwdriver to mess with the radioactive "demon core"

  9. Look, I understand why Ripley is one of the most notable badass women out there. But in the first movie there’s several times where she’s rightly afraid the Alien could jump her at any moment so she has her flamethrower out, then she hears its the cat and she puts. The. Flamethrower. Down. Then she leaves it in search for the cat.

    I would understand her turning her pilot flame off. But the fact that she more than once puts her flamethrower down while the Alien could just as easily be hidden in the same room or be coming into it at any moment is unforgiveable. Ripley should be dead.

    She makes up for this in the second movie of course. But still.

  10. Fine, I'll subscribe, even if you're a dog person. :p I just love this movie and the horror genre so much.

    I think the set design, monster design, cast, tension, and a lot more, was simply amazing. What I didn't like as much is the choice to get the alien on board without making the crew look (too) stupid. It's still completely stupid how it got on board. I hate that about most horror movies, that it so often relies on stupidity to move the plot forward. It can absolutely be done without. Room 1408, Halloween, and Lights Out are a few examples.

    Doesn't stop me from loving horrors. I'll just laugh harder and hope they'll die of stupidity soon :p I mean, it's a movie, they're characters and sometimes really annoying and stupid ones, played by actors, who probably had a lot of fun playing annoying shitheads and they're fine, walking their dogs, having breakfast with their families, playing dying characters in horror movies 😀 There's definitely a blood and gore quotum to be met in horror movies :p John Hurt is a legendary actor and I love his work so much and I was so happy to see his dumb ass character to be the first to get shafted XD
    Also turned into an awesome scene in the satire movie Spaceballs. And every time I watch Alien again I sing that song to celebrate the death of John's character XD

  11. Great video. I think it is worth noting that at first the crew makes attempts at killing the Alien because the "abandon the ship and escape in shuttle" idea is not really an realistic option as the shuttle would not support 4 or more people. Only after Ash is burned is using the shuttle to escape a valid plan for the remaining three.

  12. Yeah never liked how they made the ship’s pilot they climb over to be the Prometheus movie travellers. The scale of the pilot was huge compared to them, never made any sense and ruined the link to those movies for me.

  13. I’m certain this would have still been made without star wars before it, close encounters of the third kind had proven sci-fi movies were money makers, I never viewed Star Wars as good sci fi.