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44 thoughts on “Batman Begins (2005) | *First Time Watching* | Asia and BJ

  1. Ok. Here's some lore that many people don't know. Rās al Ghûl isn't a name. It's a title in the League of Shadows. It means "head of the demon" (and its pronounced "raysh" not "rahz", despite what the movie used). They also.break this later by calling his daughter Talia al Ghûl, as if it was a name. Oh well.

  2. The first Batman movie directed by Tim Burton was scary when I watched as a kid.
    There's a scene where the Joker shakes hands with a mob boss but he has one of those eletric joke gadgets in his hand. He electrocutes the mob boss until he becomes a charred skeleton. After the Joker thugs excort the other mob bosses out of the room he fixes the tie of the charred mob boss and tells a bunch of bad jokes.
    That scared the crap out of my as a kid. He also threw acid in his girlfriends face for artistic reasons, that was also a little scary.

  3. Amazing that you guys didn't know Batman's origin story! Really cool to watch a first time reaction to that!! Glad you guys are reacting to the whole trilogy ❤

  4. I think that the weapons business portion of Wayne Enterprises came about after his parents died. The stuff in that basement level bunker was just a prototype warehouse, more or less. Could be wrong, but that's my understanding of it.

  5. I might take some knocks for this, but The Batman was good too. Maybe just AS good as this one. And while we're at it, Joker's a good one to watch after this trilogy.

  6. I love seeing you two experience Batman for almost the first time, as a life long fan (and also being named after the first Robin) I cannot wait to see how you react to the rest of the trilogy! Batman is such a cool character!!



  9. The guy that plays Falcone in this is the same actor that played General Cornwallis in the Patriot, not Tavington, the psychopath, but the Main British General.

  10. Disney owns both. Batman 89' was my 1st batman also. Looking forward to seeing Keaton as Batman again in Flash. For future reference "comicvine" is a good user comic site for non-comic people. A straight "Batman Wiki" on fandom is good also. For character search and info. People fall about 50ft per sec. So if watching a movie again and are curious how far someone fell, that's a way to tell in an estimate fashion.

  11. The Blue Flower with Red Thorns is a real life very powerful military grade hallucinate drug not found anywhere in the world because of how powerful it is. Ra's Al Ghul is basically A Judi turned sith lord he's basically Qui Gon Jin from Star Wars episode 1.

  12. Alfred's story was never told in the movies. His deceased father was the Wayne's original butler. Alfred took over when his father died. But Alfred was a inspector/detective at Scottland Yard in the UK/ London, England. He and another old American detective/ Private Detective? Taught Batman /BW his detective skills too.


  14. You guys gotta do the Adam West Batman movie. You mentioned the show and the movie is priceless. The scene when he’s trying to get rid of the giant bomb is probably some of the best stuff ever.

  15. My favorite series of Batman films so far. Christopher Nolan is one of the best filmmakers out there today. This trilogy, in my opinion, is closest to the Batman I grew up reading. 👌

    Rhas Al Gul is a devious character, and his complicated relationship with Batman got worse when his daughter had a child with Bruce Wayne who became Robin much much later. 😁 Gul formed the League of Shadows to wreak havoc all over and is the bane of the Justice League. He also resurrects/treats himself through the Lazarus Pit if he is injured or at the point of death. He is dangerous because he believes what he thinks or does is not evil.

    Batman's strength & superpower is in his refusal to allow fear to hold him back and yet all his enemies use this against him, in every way including Joker's murder of one of the original Robins. And yet for years the killing of his parents in that dark alley never failed to haunt him. He uses this energy to win his battles & is a very good detective with a ton of support plus money making him the ideal co-founder of the Justice League along with Superman, etc.

    Good choice!!! Always love watching with y'all!

  16. I'm SO glad that you watched 'Batman Begins' before watching 'The Dark Knight' because with most Batman stories, Batman kinda plays a supporting role to the villains but they REALLY focused on Batman/Bruce Wayne in this trilogy.

    Such great movies!!

  17. No one like Batman 😎 huge fan since the 90's Anime Series. I don't like the most recent ones but I think Christian Bale did a great job. Glad you guys liked it!

  18. This was a good one! Especially because Asia was unfamiliar with Batman and his backstory, which she shared openly and commented on. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that THIS is my favorite Christopher Nolan Batman film. Kudos to Nolan for his serious take on Batman, but I just got increasingly disinterested with the story and characters, with each successive sequel. Batman Begins is not perfect either, but pretty damn good and easily the best Batman origin film!

  19. If you really want to watch some DC movies, this is how you do it:

    Man of Steel from 2013, with Superman. It's the first movie in the DCEU.
    Batman v Superman from 2016. Watch the Ultimate Edition, because it's *so* much better than the theatrical.
    Wonder Woman from 2017, her first live-action movie.
    Zack Snyder's Justice League. Again, do *not* watch the theatrical version, because it's terrible.
    Aquaman from 2018, his first live-action movie.
    Then, if you want, there are the two Suicide Squad movies, the Harley Quinn movie, and Shazam, but none of them are really connected to the Justice League like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are.

  20. 16:33 My favorite part 🦇 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇