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33 thoughts on “Batman Begins * FIRST TIME WATCHING * reaction & commentary

  1. A lot of people prefer Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne but Christian Bale's Batman, so you're not alone there! Batman has a very large cast of villains, all of them weird and colorful and scary and creepy, and you're going to meet them in turn as we go through Batman movies. Also this movie was directed by Christopher Nolan, whom you'll remember directed "Memento". The whole "flashback" style of non-linear storytelling is employed here too.

  2. There are multiple Batman movies with different actors playing the lead role. It's totally OK to not have one favorite. Each is better in their own way. And you haven't even seen The Batman with Robert Pattinson yet. 😉

  3. Cool Hand Luke (1967)- Paul Newman 😎

    Papillon (1973)- Steve McQueen / Dustin Hoffman🦋

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)- Paul Newman / Robert Redford🤠

  4. After you finish this trilogy, you need to check out the 1992 "Batman Returns," which was the sequel to the 1989 "Batman" movie. It was a really solid film and introduced Catwoman and the Penguin. Just like the 1989 "Batman," it's more campy than the Dark Knight Trilogy.

  5. Little fun fact: Micheal Keaton is one of very select few who has played a character in both DC Universe and Marvel Universe. (Star Ryan Reynolds whom played Deadpool – MCU and Green Lantern – DCU) Micheal Keaton played Batman as you know but he also played Vulture in DCU's Spiderman.

  6. The penguin was one of the Villain's in Batman forever where Batman had Bat-niiples on his suit played by George C loony. Penguin was in it played by (Twins co-star) Danny Divito. It also had (other Twins star) Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze.

  7. See, in Justice League when Barry Allen (The Flash) Said to Batman what is his super power and he told Barry "I'm a billionaire", it is true, being a Billionaire is what gives Batman the ability to make and or buy all the tools he needs to give him any and all advantages that he needs against anyone mortal or with Meta genes included and not limited to Superman, The Flash, The green lantern, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, The Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, etc. These are just from the Justice League.

  8. I was 14 when this came out and it pretty much became my whole personality. When I was in elementary school I would have a reoccurring dream where a magician turned me into a bat and they were my favorite animal for a long time so when I saw this I was obsessed with it. I still love Christian Bale as Batman, he’s the one I think of when someone says “Batman.” Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s very hot lol. This movie is such a classic, it’s so iconic. Then Arkham Asylum and the other games came out and I got to learn all of the back stories of all of the weird and crazy villains and it just got me so entranced in this world. I miss the DC of these days but I’m happy that James Gunn is taking over so we can finally get some good DC movies again!

  9. I adore Michael Caine bc he’s amazingly versatile and we share birthdays (March 14th) 🎉❤. The Scarecrow is played by Cillian Murphy, who stars as Robert Oppenheimer this July 😊

  10. A lot of that "Keaton was miscast" talk was promulgated before Batman (1989) was ever released. All everyone could see was Mr. Mom. Once the movie came out and everyone saw how he handled the role, most of that talk died off.

  11. What I'd like to see ABOVE ALL ELSE would be reactions to the "DCEU", aka
    #TheSnyderverse movies:
    ▪︎Man of Steel
    ▪︎Batman v Superman
    ▪︎Suicide Squad (David Ayer)
    ▪︎Wonder Woman
    ▪︎Zack Snyder's Justice League
    And I guess I'd throw in:
    ▪︎Birds of Prey
    ▪︎SHAZAM 2
    ▪︎Black Adam

  12. I wish we would've gotten reactions to the other Batman movies first [Batman Returns, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever]… I hope we'll get those reactions someday!

  13. Scarecrow is honestly an underrated villain. DC, there are other great villains aside from the Joker!

    Batman has a lot of villains. Just like Spider-Man, Superman, and every other superhero, the idea of a rogues gallery is not that complicated.

  14. It was a smart move, I think, to use recurring villains from the comics other than Joker, because it's Year One Batman, and he shouldn't be going after his greatest nemesis right out the gate. Joker is too extreme a villain, for a fledgling Batman. Having villains like Ra's Al Ghul, Scarecrow, and Carmine Falcone….popular villains in the comics, but lesser known to the general public…helps keep the story focused on Bruce.

  15. I like Rachel, I just don't like Katie Holmes in the role. It's the way she smirks every line of dialogue that makes Rachel seem overbearing. But in her words and actions, she's delivering some hard truths that Bruce needs to hear. And once he becomes Batman, Bruce adopts a public persona which deliberately invites criticism. Based on what Rachel believes to be Bruce's life (because he has chosen to portray himself in such a way), everything she says to him is valid. And if she weren't smirking her way through it, it wouldn't come across as spiteful.