Batman Forever | An Underrated Blockbuster

Batman Forever | An Underrated Blockbuster. It’s an underrated gem. Batman Forever was a good movie. A little corny? Sure. It was trying to be lighter. But it gets lumped in with Batman and Robin too much. On its own, it had the potential to be part of a better on going series. Sit back, relax, grab a bat bag of popcorn, and let’s take a look at the underrated Batman Forever.

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23 thoughts on “Batman Forever | An Underrated Blockbuster

  1. I think we all must get the lyrics to Kiss From a Rose wrong – I always thought it was "kissed by a rose on the grave" but it's grey, which is so not as good in my opinion

  2. Totally underrated, I love the movie. It's dark and fun but not as silly as Batman and Robin. I think it captured a comic book feel really well and was so entertaining. And the soundtrack was awesome!

  3. Loved it as a kid. As I got older it faded into my memory and I lumped it in with Batman and Robin as an epic turd. But when I finally rewatched Forever I was struck by how much I loved it. Nostalgia does play a factor, but nostalgia isn't a bad word. EVERYONE is ruled by nostalgia in one way or another when it comes to the media they love. And if they say they aren't, they're lying.

    Despite the well known fact that the deeper character work of Bruce was trimmed and cut out for the theatrical release, it still retains a decent angle on Bruce as a character and the Robin story is actually well done.
    Forever still stands and an absolute testament to when studio franchise filmmaking could still have bold, creative identity. This thing is a pop art juggernaut of lavish, neon soaked goth excess. Miniatures, nascent but still well executed CGI, costumes, set pieces…it's all big and bold and dripping with style.

    Live action comic book films today WOULD NEVER.

  4. 12:12: There are unconfirmed rumors that Val Kilmer had an affair with Drew Barrymore, who played one of Two-Face's molls, Sugar. And that was allegedly, the ultimate or final impetuous for his wife to file for divorce.

  5. Val Kilmer would later tell this story about how Warren Buffett one day, visited the Batman Forever set with his grandkids but never acknowledged him once. And Val was even wearing the Batsuit and yet, the Buffett grandchildren were more interested in playing around with the Batmobile and what not.

  6. Not even as a kid I liked this piece of crap. And I still don´t like it. 3 times I have tried and failed. It´s not even amusing bad, it´s just boring, idiotic, dumpster fire bad. Already seeing the lame, predictable comments: "such an underrated movie!" Can´t believe how people´s sense of reality is so easy to manipulate. If I had some more subs and would make a video about how turds eating is so underrated, I would get the same comments: "yes, finally some says it, turds flavor is so underrated, had my first at age 5 and loving them since!" Argh! Always the same, sheeps all over the place.

  7. Great video! I've loved Batman Forever since I was a kid.Its definitely better than people make it out to be. I recommend the novelization by Peter David. It adds more to the characters and has moments not shown in the final film.

  8. Batman Forever is such a fun movie. As far as I like '89 and Returns, watching Forever right after just breathes of fresh air of the Looney Tunes goofiness while also being serious in tone. Also Chase was like a Bond girl in this film I mean that scene of her falling from the tube kinda says it all for her.

  9. I loved Batman Forever. While Batman89 is still the pinnacle for me as far as Batman goes. Forever is still a fun watch in my 30s. I find myself putting it on in the background just to have something fun to watch. Batman89 is more when I need inspiration to work on a film.

    As far as the sequel debate goes…it is a straight up sequel to Batman and Batman Returns. For all intents and purposes, it is Batman 3. This movie was made before reboots where done on a regular basis. While many now don't consider them a sequel, in 1995 it was.

  10. I came to be ridiculed every time I said my favorite Batman was Val Kilmer in forever but it was just such a great movie for my 11 or 12 year old self and I thought he was flawless! Admittedly, I’ve changed my mind to it being Keaton but Kilmer is a close second for me!

  11. Yes! Finally! Someone will be talking about this movie properly! Val Kilmer's batman performance is still my favourite batman on the screens and this movie (although not a masterpiece) is just criminally underrated in my eyes. For years people have assumed it is terrible when in reality that is far from the case!