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You want Joystiq’s “Game of the Show”? So give them what they want by designing this crazy magnetic Batcave sign to hang up on their door. After heading through a locked-up cave outside, Batman glides down to a secret Arkham-based sector of the Batcave which he installed beneath the island’s surface years ago. No matter which Batman costume you choose, you just can’t go wrong with the original theme song. However, its lack of armor and cloth base makes it similar to classic versions of the costume. However, he manages to defeat her and the zombified guards, and Ivy and the plants sink back into the undergrowth. In my opinion, Batman is the ultimate hero because he is like you and me but he still manages to take down foes much more powerful than himself. With much of the Arkham trilogy’s focus being largely placed on the Bat, rather than the man, and many other Batman games wielding mixed results, Batman: The Telltale Series’ emphasis on both sides of Bruce is a fresh change of pace for the character. You know this story, and by putting the timeline at the beginning of the continuity, we obviously know how these character relationships are largely going to play out.

Purple And Black Ink Drop I can’t even begin to tell you how excited she is about her DIY Batgirl costume, and I know the shirt is going to get lots and lots of use after Halloween. Featuring a pink tutu, belt and sparkly baby purple batgirl costume emblem ‘s a powerful force to reckon with any! Watch your four legged friend fly into action as a Batman this Halloween in this Batman costume for dogs. Batman eventually makes his way through the Mansion to Dr. Young’s office, only to find that she has already retrieved the notes. While venturing through the Mansion to rescue Dr. Young, Batman is drugged by Scarecrow again, this time being forced to relive his parents’ death, batman begins suit and having to battle past another giant Scarecrow. The Blackgate prisoners announce Batman as the Joker’s special guest and allow him entry. Armed prisoners now guard the watch towers after having shot the security guards.

She also sends waves of security guards infected by her mind-controlling plant spores out to fight Batman, including Eddie Burlow and William North. This causes her plants to grow to gigantic proportions, slowly covering the island and entangling its buildings while large, batman costume bulbous flowers appear everywhere that exude deadly spores. After being forced to deal with several of the armed convicts, Batman enters Arkham East only to find that the Joker had taken over this part of the island as well. Inside the Batcave, he uses the spores to create an antidote, and sets out to stop Ivy from taking over Arkham. In retaliation, Batman injects himself with the antidote in order to prevent the Titan from taking control of him. After waking up completely and taking out the thugs Harley left behind, Batman tracks Harley to the Penitentiary. Batman also used it to restore deleted/lost data, decrypt certain drives and filter noise for certain signals. Now get ready for a deep cut – it’s the same painting used in the 1989 Batman movie. Cut around 1/8 inches in the craft foam. While ascending back to the surface, Batman learns that Joker intends to contaminate Gotham’s water supply with runoff from his Titan production.

Through a slip of the tongue from Harley, Batman learns that the Joker has a secret Titan production facility inside the Botanical Gardens. Realizing that Joker plans to use Titan for something sinister, Batman heads over to Arkham Mansion to reach Young’s notes before the Joker gets there first. After being forced to contend with more gun-wielding thugs, Batman enters the Arkham Mansion through the air ventilation system. Ivy refuses to help Batman (declaring that she’d rather watch him squirm) until he threatens to make every plant on Arkham suffer unless she cooperates. With the help of the Batclaw, a gadget similar to the grappling gun that Batman assembled in the Arkham Batcave, Batman reaches the Old Sewer through the Arkham caves. He discovers the Joker has seized the tunnels of the Old Sewer. He emerges from the Main Sewer Junction in the Surface Access area, which contains an unused exit to Arkham North. After defeating them Batman enters the Main Sewer Junction, which is a massive, crumbling, chamber with a maze of decrepit columns, archways, and platforms. Here Batman finds that the Joker’s men have gotten their hands on sniper rifles stolen from the guard armory. A horribly mutated Joker climbs up from inside the building, gripping Batman in his hands.