BATMAN RETURNS: Best Worst Bat-Movie!! – Smersh Pod Review

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Smersh Pod Gothamites John Rain and Dan Thomas hop aboard a Giant Motorised Rubber Duck and witness Tim Burton turn the kookiness up to 11in this Bat-tastic review of 1992’s BATMAN RETURNS… Michael Keaton! Danny DeVito!! CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!!! This one’s got it all, folks!

Audio Commentary by Smersh Pod; Editing by BanyaBat… If you like my work, I am for hire! Contact me here to get in touch about anything! : [email protected]

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35 thoughts on “BATMAN RETURNS: Best Worst Bat-Movie!! – Smersh Pod Review

  1. What a great re-edit 👍 On their point about the sets, I recollect that the first film was done in England, while the second movie was filmed in L.A. and they had to rebuild the sets at a much much smaller scale because the backlot was so much smaller over there. If I recall correctly they did replicate the basic layout but it was incredibly shrunken compared to the first film.

  2. Seeing this on my notifications forced me to watch Batman Returns. Just so I could have context for your review. My complete lack of cultural awareness or nostalgia made it one of the most enjoyably bad movies I have seen since The Roller Blade Seven. My favorite scene, if only for the bad Foley work, is when Batman rescues the ice princess and confronts Catwoman.

  3. In my opinion, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman is miles beyond any leading lady in the Nolan Batman films. She actually feels like a three dimensional human being instead of a mere love interest.

  4. No wonder the spiral bomb didn't blow up the Batmobile..They had the Haynes Manuel,not the Chilton…That one had more wiring diagrams and full color pictures of the steps for repairing including the hand holding which wrench you need in the corner..

  5. Cheeky (meant in a good sense) review of the worst superhero flick ever … The only—and I mean only —redeeming value of this god-awful stinker was the presence of super-luscious Michelle Pfeiffer. [Well, Michael Keating worked as Batman, along with Christopher Walken (as the only believable villain).]

    The Penguin was so much the most disgusting (and not in a good way) conjuring of an arch-villain that I found it hard to endure for over the painful length of this film (possible clue as to why I was never a Tim Burton fan).

    To be fair (and as some might guess), I’m not a big fan of CRASH! BAM! BOOM! action films—especially, those based on comic book characters. However, I’ll have to make a BIG exception for Superman 1 and 2 (Christopher Reeve as Superman, with Margot Kidder as the perfect Lois Lane). Although one has to suspend his/her sense of reality for any films of this genre, once you accept this one giant leap, Superman was virtually flawless. Sheer escapism! [The four dark villains from Krypton, in Superman II, were delightfully evil!]

    And what sci-fi fan could not possibly fall in love with the best movie of its genre of the last 40-something years—Ridley Scott's Blade Runner?! [Saw the remake, Blade Runner 2049, but could hardly wait for it to be over with, so I could go out to the parking lot for a smoke (stopped smoking since then, but this flick would drive you back to it).]

  6. The thing with Catwoman is that it's supposed to be ambiguous whether she's supernatural and dies several times or just is just lucky and dies once at the end.
    The last shot with her showing up before the credits kind of ruins it but that was a studio addition that Burton didn't want.

  7. First time I saw this movie, I was sick in the hospital. I always found it a bit off putting, and yes I also noticed the duck continuity error even as a kid.