Batman & Robin – Caravan of Garbage

Batman Forever set the wheels in motion for a brand new kind of Batman. Camp. With George Clooney taking over from Val Kilmer who took over from Michael Keaton this is where people truely fell out of love with the Batman francise. Even the likes of Batgirl, Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy and Bane didn’t stop people crying about new levels of sillyness that left the reviews and box office lower than ever. Thanks for listening to our Caravan Of Garbage review

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31 thoughts on “Batman & Robin – Caravan of Garbage

  1. I don’t understand the rationale of paying Arnold Schwarzenegger that much for this role when he was just atrocious in it. No one likes this movie better just because he was in it. They can’t stand his constant lame one-liners.

  2. Which one of the Spice Girls was fat? Looking at all of them, you'd immediately say Baby Spice. She wasn't huge, but she stood out in the group for that reason. Facts aren't shaming.

  3. I’d argue that George Clooney could’ve been the best live action Batman potentially. Look at his performance in Michael Clayton for Bruce Wayne . Then check out the American for Batman.

  4. Speaking of Mr. Freeze and freezing people: I've recently started watching the box set of the 60's TV series. As someone who watched these reruns on TV as a little kid in the 70's, flash forward to lady and I've forgotten just how deadly the old show could be. Characters die left all the time – almost one per episode (at least as far as I've gotten) and sometimes multiple per episode. Mr. Freeze straight up kills people by freezing them then then pushing them down and they crash into bits.