Batman & Robin is Bizarre… (Review/Breakdown)

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45 thoughts on “Batman & Robin is Bizarre… (Review/Breakdown)

  1. I remember being a small child in the very late 90's so late in fact that I turned three almost a month maybe two months before it turned to the 2000's and remember having this on VHS

  2. Hey Morgan,
    I liked your series about the different Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies
    Could you please do something similar with the Star wars movies?

  3. There is one thing I want to know about this film: What drugs were everyone except Alicia Silverstone, Chris O’Donnell, and George Clooney on? Because the only explanation for this film is that nearly everyone involved was high as kite.

  4. 15:30 I think it's supposed to be a reference to Malcolm McDowell's character from A Clockwork Orange, why the hell there's a reference to A Clockwork Orange in a Batman movie is anyone's guess.

  5. For the record Movieflame, the disease that Nora and Alfred had in the movie had different stages, with Mr. Freeze having the cure for early stages which Alfred had, but not for late stages for Nora. That's why he couldn't cure his wife, and the movie actually had Bruce explain that.

  6. 3:08 So Spider-man 3 would take a page from this film… what a great sign! On a more serious note, Batman and Robin makes Spider-man 3 (which is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine) look like Citizen Kane.
    4:09 Uniroancally It's pretty obvious that every action scene in this film breaks every single law of laws including the ones we haven't discovered yet.
    7:07 Ah Bane the villain that reminded us all that Batman is not invincible/unbeatable is now a turd who can barely form complete sentences and to say he is a complete moron in this would be an understatement and is just the tip of the iceberg for how they butcher his character in this.
    15:31 Who looks like Alex and his droogies from A Clockwork Orange.
    15:38 Bizarre random fact this isn't the only superhero movie he was in sorta, I say sorta because he was in the 2003 Daredevil movie but that was only in the director's cut, not the theatrical cut. But hey I guess he decided to do a DC movie about a dark brooding crime-fighting vigilante who only fights at night so he decided to do a Marvel movie about a dark, brooding, crime-fighting, vigilante who only fights at night.
    18:39 I think Jim Gordon deciding to put the entire police force underground while Bane goes on a manhunt in The Dark Knght Rises is worse because there is no way in hell you can tell me the COMMISSIONER OF THE POLICE FORCE didn't even know about this little thing called a rear guard to make sure any of Bane's army coudln't attack them from behind (and that, of course, didn't happen because that would mean there would be police that was above ground which biengs me to my second point Gordon and the mayor didn't ene consider the idea that this could be a trap so they sent all of the police in even though in instances like this taking preocaitons for a trap but of course that would also have police that could free them and you can't say this was a heat of the moment because an operation like this needs a lot of aptianc planning so they had time to rleize these things and in Batman and Robin you can say that the police didn't have time to react it's still stupid if you do say that but at least its one thing it has over TDKR. Also, there is no way in any instance that an entire city's police force would go after one guy no matter how dangerous he is, and if really was dangerous enough to send to the entire police force why didn't they ask the assistance of the army or national guard? Finally when TDKR came out New York City (The city that Gotham is based on) has a population of 8 million and a police force of 40,000 while Gotham City has a population of 12 million and Alfred describes the police force of Gotham early in the film as bloated so they have a police force of over 60,000 (8*1.5=12 40,000*1.5=60,000) which is well more than enough for a rear guard and reserves to not be part of the mission unless they're needed and/or something goes wrong because no one would send 60,000 cops to catch just one guy and not think to call in the Amry and/or national guard. Don't get me wrong I did like TDNR but that moment was really the dumbest moment in the entire trilogy and one of the dumbest moments in Superhero history. But hey at least we did get a bunch of great jokes out of it

  7. This is hilarious. It’s been so long that I’ve watched this that I didn’t realize how lame it actually was. I had a crush on Chris in this movie 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🙈

  8. Do a video where marvel combines with Harry Potter. Where in the half blood prince voldemort combines all the horcruxes and snaps half the wizarding world out of existence!

  9. As much as I hate this movie, I will say this, there actually is a reason Mr. freeze didn’t cure his wife. He only had a cure for the early stage of the disease. His wife was in a much much further along. It technically was explained, but it was a easily missed.

  10. As a kid I loved Batman Forever (and it's still OK) but even then 2 years later I just wasn't interested in Arnold, Mr. Freeze, Arnold as Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy, didn't watch it until years later.

  11. Honestly I LOVED this movie as a kid and I have HEAVY nostalgia for it. While I don't think the movie is good now, I have massive respect for it because without this movie I don't know if I would have been as big of a Batman fan as I am today.