Batman’s New Metal Men Armor And The BIGGEST Reveals From The Dawn of DC!

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In this episode, we’re unpacking the biggest and most shocking reveal to come out of DC comics in the Dawn of DC era, including MAJOR changes to Superman and Lex Luthor’s mythology, a death in the Flash family, additions to the Jokers origin, Batman revealing new Metal Men armor, and more!


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50 thoughts on “Batman’s New Metal Men Armor And The BIGGEST Reveals From The Dawn of DC!

  1. So if these hyenas exist as dark chaos bringers or whatever then why the hell is the spectre or dr fate jus sittin around chilling like wtf ,!!! And even more so damn all these years we all been crazy we thought bud and lou existed lol

  2. That's crazy because bud and Lou are acknowledged heavily in the Gotham siren, comic and plus Joker made them rabbit and ultimately turned them against her in death of the family and he can clearly see them interact with them was having a bitten Batman more than a few times

  3. Interesting new bad guys and additions to the DC universe, defo might be worth a read. But someone confirm something for me please… Bud and Lou, didn't the joker sic them on a henchman in the animated series and he also interacts with them in the new 52 right!!? If so, then how do they explain the retcon of only just her seeing them, I know I'll need to read the comic but thought I'd ask in case anyone here knew.

  4. Holly quinn directly wired to a lord of chaos And her hyenas that apparently don't grow old are magical creatures.. No not really a shock. Chaos Really should just make her into another lord.. It would explain why when she died she became more powerful than the specter After she escaped hell. And they had revive her.

  5. Wow side note clearly superman has all the arrogance as he constantly fails to save metropolis hence his inevitable psyche break in injustice. Lex used his mind to battle n superman can only use his terrible fighting abilities and laser eyes. Zod stomped superman bcuz he could fight n batman beats em down every time supe loses his strength or bats gains strength. SUPERMAN SUUUUX PERIOD. They need to change his lame ass cape and wardrobe. Id annihilate super tights with the quikness

  6. After all these decades? Why do u act like these are actual stories about actual people? Sum o yall take this stuff way to far man. It was a clever idea by a clever writer not a huge revelation about an actual dude in real life. Jus talk about how cool the stuff is but leev ur fanboy antics out of it. Im a comic geek too but I do not lose grip on reality or sanity over any of it. Grow up man n chill out. U have to much invested into these comix. Also dc comix suk anyway