Black Man Mistaken For Thief | @DramatizeMe

A black man was looking for an engagement ring at a jewelry store, but the saleswoman immediately became confrontational, thinking that the couldn’t afford the piece. Offended, he pulled out his phone to record the woman, but a security guard tried to stop him. Thankfully, the store manager intervened and apologized for their behavior. The man was offered a discount on a ring, but while waiting for it, the police showed up. As it turned out, they were called by the manager! The question is: Did the police get to the bottom of the issue or did they arrest an innocent man…?

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37 thoughts on “Black Man Mistaken For Thief | @DramatizeMe

  1. okay lets put it out,He made Justice,Made the assistance of the manager made them realize how bad what were they doing,and got a old thief man caught,even letd it go,now thats a Man There!

  2. In case you weren't COMPLETELY fed up with race baiting and pandering, here's some poorly acted, weird french fake yet very overt racism to stoke your racial tensions. Because we all know that NO ONE gets justice until there are global full-on race wars and millions dying in weird tribal feuds based on how much melanin the groups have. This is so stupid. Why not make positive media about people coming together to defy stereotypes? Fire doesn't put out fire, only water can. Likewise, hate and venom cannot stomp out hate and venom, only love and understanding does that.