ChillPoint || 2023-06-16

Broadcast 2023-06-16

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17 thoughts on “ChillPoint || 2023-06-16

  1. DEMOS: Do demos these days actually always use the same engine that the game does? I got burned by a game that had a demo that was not any part of the game, and ran very differently on my PC, back in the '90s.

  2. Yeah, but Shepard wasn't fridged, and Bioware didn't make Dead Island. How is that at all relevant to the statue in question?

    I won't beat around the bush. I consume far too much erotica. If anyone was going to take something innocent as sexual when it wasn't, it'd be me. The statue doesn't twig my radar at all. Shepard being the jesus analogue that they are, what with dying and coming back to life to save everyone, that moment makes a ton of sense as a statue.

    Its hard to defend the statue without sounding weird, but thats true of basically everything. As soon as you have to defend something, it sounds defensive. But in this case I don't think it needs to be defended. I dunno. Maybe some people are being titillated by the statue? But it sounds more like people are assuming other people are being titillated by it. And I can assure you as your friendly neighbourhood smut enjoyer, the statue ain't doing anything for me.

    The whole situation was just baffling to hear about.

  3. Heather, as someone who's both REALLY ANTICIPATING STARFIELD (notice the caps) and WORRIED THAT STARFIELD WILL BE BUGGY BETHESDA, Bethesda has this reputation of shipping broken dreck out the door and their modding community then fixes. It's beyond a Meme. We're not talking "This is a complex product and there's bound to be a few things wrong." Just about every Fallout and Elder Scrolls game was released as a broken product and their fans pick up these games and wrote mods specifically to fix them. A broken product. And while we had stinkers of games being released that got fixed with patches (ala No Man's Sky style), Bethesda games seems to be the only ones where Bethesda doesn't get it's feet held to the fires for a bad product, even Fallout 76, but there's this expectation of waiting a few weeks and checking back for mods to fix the issues. No other company has this, "Bro, I got your back" level of community support that Bethesda enjoys. Even Bungie, of Halo fame, didn't get this for the mess that was Anthem. And Bungie has nearly the same cult following that Bethesda does.

    The problem with all of this is, I don't think MICROSOFT can survive another buggy mess of a game launch. Meaning, if Bethesda releases Starfield in the same condition as Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, or Fallout 76 and expects their community's "I got you, fam!" to pick up the slack, this could backfire hugely for Microsoft. Remember, Microsoft doesn't have many first party exclusive titles like Sony does. And neither Halo Infinite or Redfall could get on to first base, let alone knock the ball out of the park for a grand slam. Microsoft REALLY needs Starfield to go well. Had Microsoft not purchased Zenimax, sure Bethesda could just be Bethesda and release Starfield in their usual way. But Microsoft really needs a product that is going to be more of a commercial hit than just to Bethesda's fanboys. This is why Microsoft is emphasizing the points that they have ALL of their QA folks looking at this game and that they specifically told Bethesda to extend the deadline. To be honest, I don't think Todd Howard and Bethesda's marketing team is getting the point Microsoft is trying to make. Especially when they're saying, "Oh, no. We were ready months ago to release this game." And Phil Spenser has to jump in front of that statement with "Oh, no-no-no. We told them to push back the release date" and "We have everyone working on this." Microsoft cannot afford another Halo Infinite or Redfall.

  4. It is a mixed berry vanilla flavor for the Grimace shake. It definitely is not just vanilla but is likely just syrup added to a vanilla one. A friend of mine said it was similar to boo berry but I have not had boo berry personally to confirm this.

  5. I don’t think the argument “anime figures sexualize female characters way more” is really an argument against femshep being highly sexualized. From what I’ve seen those are literally made to be erotica. It’s like saying dynamite isn’t destructive because it’s not a cruise missile.