Collective Minds Ep. 95

Join us for our weekly statue and pop-culture chat.

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2 thoughts on “Collective Minds Ep. 95

  1. This is a timeless debate.

    One could make a comparison to a thief that robs you at knifepoint, and then 5 minutes later gets robbed himself at gunpoint.

    He may be a victim, but many would say “who gives a shit?”

    Only victims are the original owner of the property, and the person who unknowingly buys stolen goods.

    The guys in the middle? Thieves getting robbed by thieves doesn’t garner much sympathy.

    People are morally ok with “stealing” when they do it and/or benefit from the faceless corporation. It’s because collectors have relationships with the artists/commissioners that they see it differently. But to be objective, theft is theft. Period.

  2. Commisioners and artist ssculpters don't loose money on recast. They made their money with the intial run. It's the flippers in the groups who are against recast as they can't flip statues two, three, four times the value on the secondary market when you get a recast.

    I've seen some recast painted as good as the real thing and probably come out of the same factory, made with the same molds and painted by the same poorly paid painter from China . Because commisioners pieces are unlicenced there edition size is small to avoid authorities but if demand outstrips supply some collectors will be tempted. Would you pay $5000 for a statue which originally cost $1000 and now selling for $800 as a recast?

    I personally wouldn't judge a collector who bought a recast but if he sells it as an original to a buyer then that's a no no and should be frowned on and outed. Collectors all have different budgets should we be the judge and jury on how they spend their money?

    It's common knoledge XM Studios started as recasters recasting Sideshow pieces that's why theres no partnership between them. Nearly every far east collector has a Doom on Throne in their collection. How many are real?
    Recasts are viewed differently around the world what is frowned on in the west is the norm in the far east.

    On another subject I,m old skool I still prefer museum pose over dynamic pose as they take up so much room and space is premium in my collection. Also sculpted cloaks over mixed media.
    Great chat as always