Fortnite x Star Wars NEW Force Powers!

Fortnite’s Star Wars update is here and you can now use the force!
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50 thoughts on “Fortnite x Star Wars NEW Force Powers!

  1. EVERYONE HERE IN THE COMMENTS. i found a glitch. If you have your friend or a teammate already having a lightsaber whilst you dont have it yet, Tell him to drop it. at first the saber will be powerless but you can still choose a lightsaber from the NPCS. Once you do it you now have 2 sabers and if you try to use the saber from your teammate! it gets power! what power u might ask? the power from the lightsaber you just got from the NPC! like so he can see. PS: I tried this bug and npw you can change lightsabers powers

  2. I think blue, pull is the worst because you are also getting the enemy in shotgun range to shoot you, then I think fore throw is the second best, now hear me out, yes it does 120 damage if you hit ALL ur shots, plus the windup is just free shotgun/ sniper hit on ur face, now force throw can break any material, and pushes then away so if they build to heal? Nope. Plus it can knock down building easier and when you push someone you can pull out your sniper as they are in the air then snipe them. Plus it has no windup and low cooldown

  3. There's Darth Vader's lightsaber too it doesn't have force power, sprint fast and do double jump but you can throw the lightsaber and it doesn't have to cooldown.

  4. Me watching the Clone Wars:

    My friend: “Whoa, is that the dude from Fortnite? Why are there so many of them?”

    Me: “You’re in violation of Order 66.”