Hot Toys Batman Modern Suit the flash

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11 thoughts on “Hot Toys Batman Modern Suit the flash

  1. Thx for this review 👍 I have all the live action Batman figures (and some Arkham series'), I have already POd this and 1989 2.0 version (even I have DX09) and I'm probably going to have every live action Batman figure there will be 🤩 what can I say!

  2. Great review, was waiting for it. Especially the 89 vs modern versions opinion. At first i was leaning towards 89, that suit just looks a bit better, sculpted abs, yellow belt, injured lower face option. They both have rolling eyes and second cape option. But modern version ? I like that HT is emphasizing articulation, I'm not the best when it comes to posing a figure but i like having the option. The suit is growing on me. Smooth texture kinda reminds me of Bale's outfit. Having less yellow is more realistic. Head sculpt looks Great, but i will not use, Keaton looks 80!! Not my ideal batman look. Both figure are great. If i had to choose? Modern look. But if it sells out i would be just fine getting 89 version and be happy about it.

  3. Can't wait! ❤❤ Hot Toys does great with old people sculpting. I'm sure this will turn out phenomenal in final release. Am glad the suit will allow for some good poses 😊