How To Get BATMAN RIGHT In Live Action

Today I want to talk a little bit about the recipe for getting the character of Batman right in live action. Although there have been some fantastic Batman movies, there has never quite been the perfect version of the character. Here are my thoughts on how to do it.

Written & Presented By Jake Rogers.
Video Edited By Jack Harvey.

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39 thoughts on “How To Get BATMAN RIGHT In Live Action

  1. I do like the BTAS batman and I really like arkham batman but I think the truest form of the character is the dark knight trilogy (at least for me). Just my take. What the character stands for and the way it was done hit home so well.

  2. How to get Batman RIGHT in live action: world's greatest detective and Matt Reeves did that finally! He's not just another action hero, he uses his detective skills to solve crimes. It's what sets him apart from the other superhero movies and comics. Superman just has his powers and he is very reactionary to the problems that require his attention. But Batman is going from the purse snatcher to the mob kingpin, and he puts fear in the criminals by only working at night.

  3. in my opinion the batman is the best and only good batman movie robert pattinson’s batman is the true batman he shows off his detective skills his realistic fighting skills(more realistic then bale)his suit is perfect for a batman in his second year of crime fighting his black makeup around the eye doesn’t disappear when he takes off the mask the film showed bruce’s trauma batman is actually the person and bruce is the persona and finally he’s the only batman in live action who doesn’t kill robert pattinson’s batman is straight out of the comics

  4. I feel like Matt Reeves understands the character but he’s also stuck on the realistic Batman train. Hopefully the new DCU Batman is the perfect one

  5. i totally love batfleck and indeed Batman vs superman is best batman live action but in movies like justice league or any other stuff regarding superhumans they just sideline him to just a tactician and i hate that he is a great detective and even better tactician but he is a master combatant who had literally taken down gods
    he smashed the shit out spectre and ares thats what he is we all love batman human approach but we want to see his action like shown in arkham and in comic panels

  6. Tbh the appeal with Batman for me is that what he is doing is at least partly grounded in reality, like what a genetically super gifted guy dedicating his whole live to training and fighting crime could do. I don’t care all that much about the generic alien supervillains, there are other comics and movies for that. That’s just one of many opinions obviously

  7. Don't give up hope yet… New James Gunn DC Universe has Batman Brave and the bold movie which may have what you are looking for! Well if nth else, at least brave and the bold has Robin.

  8. 100% agree with this guy! B:TAS and you're right Snyder's Batfleck is so far the best interpretation of Batman we have ever received solely bc of his interactions with other DC heroes and villains (both humans & metahumans) exactly like the source material.

  9. Batman isn’t a superhero he’s a hero. What makes Batman great is that he’s a man he’s not a superhuman he gets punched shot at set on fire only to endure and get up and keep fighting that’s what makes his character relatable the struggles and the overcoming of struggles using his mind physical strength and most importantly his will.

  10. i would like matt reeves batman to be same as dcu batman of james gunn maybe as previous version. maybey robert pattinson playing both characters.

  11. "It's not a story inspired by real life events, it's escapism"

    Not quite. Comic books and adaptations can be fantastic and have surreal elements but they are also a form of art. Like any artwork, they are form of the artist expression of the world they live and interact. Captain America is story about a super hero but it's also a creation of two jewish writers who wanted to inspire USA to help during the WWII (later his stories became a political thriller, adressing many real problems). The X-men are super heroes but they, and the concept of mutants, are also representation of minorities and victims of prejuice and discrimination. Even Star Wars takes inspiration from many events like WWII (Palpatine and the empire are basically space nazis).

    Batman is no exception to this, with his stories having changed to fit with the time periods: He fought mobsters in the 30's, alien invaders and scy-fy villains in the 60's, eco-terrorists like Ra's Al Ghul in the 70's, drug dealers in the 80's and so on.

  12. With Batman on the big screen, I think they got parts of his character perfect and lots of it completely wrong. However I have loved most of the Batman movies and even the ones I disliked (Batman and Robin for example) I can take elements from them that were good.

  13. I agree, and I disagree. I think what makes that man successful is his relatability to anyone being able to be Batman. In that sense, for the live action films, it does make sense to take advantage of that draw that he has to his audience. I think if you look at BTAS, a large portion of it was him being the worlds, greatest detective, with a lot of his opponents being earthbound. I think the direction that the. Robert Pattinson approach going back to worlds. Greatest detective is some thing I’m really looking forward to. I am not saying I would be against having some comic book style villains, being part of the DC EU, because it fits well in the superhero cinematic universe with all the other gods he fights alongside, but if Batman is a standalone superhero, his best for trail is grounded in a realistic world… In my opinion

  14. I agree with you about Zack Snyder's verse. Batman has been at it for years and then he fights along superhumans/gods and holds his own. Batman needs to be portrayed in a Zack Snyder type world, superhumans, metahumans and the occasional crime boss..Batman can handle them all. I think the biggest problem with the live action films is those in charge are making a film that will attract non fans so they stray away from a lot of the facets of a character. Batman is more then just a man that watched his parents murdered but in every incarnation of film we see his parents killed, we know his parents are dead, move on. I liked how the MCU portrayed Peter Parker on how he got his powers, it was a thirty second scene and it was done, stop with the whole "my parents were killed" trope. I think Clayface would be perfect for a Matt Reeves film if they took the same back story from BTAS and made him a failed actor that was transformed by the mob unwittily.

  15. Snyder got the physicality right if nothing else. Batman The Animated Series' Batman was fairly grounded as far as his abilities, but he had what? Fifteen years across the DCAU franchise to showcase every facet of the character and showcase why Batman was that guy. And even the Arkham verse is basically a darker timeline extension of TAS to begin with.

  16. I really wish we could get an animated Batman full length movie using the Arkham animation style and character design! A theatrical release. I think that would be awesome. I think The Batman really translated his detective side really well while the Nolan trilogy did a lot of the other things well.

  17. Hey Batcave. I have to admit that this video was incredible and very interesting too. I really enjoyed the different fact that you brought out in this video, just because you really were honest and true full I your arguments.
    Anyways thanks again for this video. Can't wait to see more Batman related videos from you soon. So until next time, I hope that you have a great day and stay safe. Peace out and Stay Vigilant.

  18. I Absolutely agree with you , I hope one day they give us something that is close to the arkham games and something loyalty to the Source material because thats what makes the world of batman beautiful.

  19. I feel like Batman has never been portrayed right in live action, becuase I feel like they portray him too much as a normal human who’s wearing a Batman costume. Batman is considered a superhero for a reason. Him training his nervous system so he can have superhuman reflexes, which makes him punch quick, dodge bullets, and etc. His superhuman strength, him being able to bench 2,225IBs and leg press 2500IBs in the comics, with having peak agility. Him knowing 125+ martial arts has never been utilized in live action. They could literally use the Arkham series Batman as inspiration for the live action. In the movies Batman literally sometimes struggle when a group of 5 people gang up on him. In the Arkham series I’ve literally seen Batman beat 100 people inside of a church without barely getting touched. They could literally film a live action series Batman using the Arkham series Batman abilities and fighting style, using cgi to capture his fighting and super human abilities, almost like how the new Spider-Man movies are filmed. Sadly I feel like they won’t ever give us the the true Batman experience. They want to give us a random man in a bat suit who knows barely 5 martial arts, and a little bit of detective skills. Put Arkham or comic book Batman in the recent live action Batman world and he’d 100% caught riddle the same day.

  20. best Batman portrayals:
    The Batman 2004 – his overpowered fighting skills, intelligence and gadgets.
    Batman: Gotham knight 2008 – how terrifying Batman is to the enemies.
    The Dark Knight – the hero's journey symbolism of Batman.

  21. You make him a super Genius polymath scientist with only few intellectual rivals like Ra’s,Bane, Lex, Mr Terrific, Hugo Strange and Joker on earth. He doesn’t need Lucius or Barbara to build let him be the inventor comics claim him to be.
    He should be top 5 or at the bare minimum top 10 as a combatant make his fight scenes like Sunny/Quinn in into the badlands, Raizo in Ninja Assassin, Adrian Veidt in both Watchman comic and movie, Albert Wesker RE5, and without the force Gendy Tartakovsky’s Mace Windu, Anakin, Yoda, Darth Sidious , Kenobi and Dooku as a combatant/intellect. For his deduction abilities think both Cumberbatch and Downey Jr’s Sherlock they use no tech to figure out things. Batman should only have tech in his cowl for communication purposes. This makes him more competent in his skills. Lastly his mouth should be covered and his suit should have little to no armor outside of possible groin and neck areas makes him look more shinobi/ vampiric.

  22. Honestly I don't think there is a 100% "right way" to do the character. He's varied so much that people have varying views on what the right way is. For me, The Batman was the right way, it was grounded but early Batman usually is, so I could see them adding more crazy elements if that universe keeps going, and it really showed how damaged Bruce really is and how he's addicted to being Batman.

  23. Keaton sucks why you say that the no kill rule anyone that defends Keaton knows absolutely nothing about the character they know of the character but don’t know batman rules or morals at the core