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Gorshin’s second suit consisted of a black bowler hat with a green question mark, a green tie and gloves, and a green jacket with black question marks all over it. The suit is largely green and comes complete with a bowler hat and no shortage of question marks. When it comes to cosplay, superheros are a bit of a subcategory within this growing culture. While they may be different, they are still similar in terms of their fighting prowess. Winner: Batman; even though the two never come to outright blows, Superman is still outwitted by the Caped Crusader. Playing off Adam West’s suit, the batsuit in Batman: The Animated Series has a modern touch of sleek to it, yet still remaining true to its OG origins. The look he largely settled on was a stripped-back version of a modern incarnation of the character. The version of Gotham City that was established in The Batman is the perfect place for Hugo Strange to sow his brand of villainy. It is a visually appealing take on a vengeful Batman that has stopped being Batman. Rubie's Batman The Dark Knight Deluxe The Joker Child Costume, Large : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry You and a friend can become the Caped Crusaders with the 1966 Batman and Robin Costume Allover Print Adult T-Shirts, or you can simply alternate being either Batman or Robin yourself. Winner: Superman, although the fight didn’t really get too far before being interrupted. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a 2016 superhero film featuring the DC Comics characters Batman and Superman, and Wonder Woman as they take on Lex Luthor and Doomsday. Officially licensed Batman v Superman merchandise! Superman blames Batman for the death of Lois Lane in Batman v Superman when he says, “She was my world, and you took her from me.” There seems to be a lot that Snyder purposefully hid from fans, waiting for them to figure it out on their own through detective work. Ahead of the two heroes slugging it out onscreen, here are some highlights of their comic book tussles, along with a running tally of which superhero won the bout. To make matters worse, their fights are the subject of betting matches by thrill-seeking aliens! As things get worse, the Kandorians ask Batman to step in – and kill their Man of Steel. Things don’t go to plan.

While Batman does foil part of his plan in the film, Gotham is destroyed, setting up an interesting sequel with a unique version of the city. Winner: Batman, technically; his plan to depower Superman works temporarily, but when Wonder Woman saves the Comrade of Steel – that’s actually what he’s called in this storyline – Batman commits suicide to avoid capture. It couldn’t be any more different than The Batman,’ Colin said. Winner: Batman, kind of … Winner: Batman, and surprisingly easily, thanks to the help of Green Arrow, some kryptonite and a mechanized suit of super-strong armor. Winner: Superman, despite the alternate Batman using kryptonite against him. Winner: Superman. The showdown isn’t even close: Superman disarms Bats of his kryptonite from a distance via super-breath without even breaking a sweat. Winner: Superman, and it wasn’t even close: Batman was left in bad shape as a result of the brutal assault. Winner: Superman, apparently answering the “caveman vs.

Winner: N/A; the fight is broken up, and the two quickly become friends again. In the world of DC, there were really two Batmen if you think about it. Back in late-2015 and into 2016, strange things were afoot in the world of DC Comics. Things go even worse for him this time, thanks to Batman having gauntlets made of kryptonite, and the help of half of the Justice League. Among the supervillains is Ra’s al Ghul who as you can expect will be bringing the League of Assassins with him. Hopefully Zack Snyder continues to explain certain elements of Batman v Superman to help see what his vision of Justice League would have ended up as. The Flash from the Knightmare Timeline saw Superman “die” after he lost sense of who he was, according to Zack Snyder. Zack Snyder’s answer about the Knightmare sequence in Batman v Superman doesn’t look like much, but the DC fans on Reddit went right into detective mode to figure out exactly what Snyder meant. You can check out the Vero post over at Reddit. As it turns out, the director was quoting German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in the first line of his post.