LEGO Batman Returns 92 (30653) – 2023 Set Review

Today, we’re taking a look at the brand new DC set – Batman 92 releasing on June 5th wherever polybags are sold!

This was sent to me early by LEGO / LAN for review!

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00:00 Intro
00:39 Gargoyle Build
01:56 Minifigure
03:12 Outro

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36 thoughts on “LEGO Batman Returns 92 (30653) – 2023 Set Review

  1. While I agree with most that 'Batman' is the better film, I much prefer 'Batman Returns' so I am very happy this is available so cheap

  2. While both the 89 and 92 films were before my time, I still much prefer the 92 bat symbol, it just looks a bit more sleek to me. So this poly bag is a great way to get it.

    But since I grew up watching the more child friendly Batman Forever and Batman and Robin first, it'd be cool to see Lego sets based off those versions too. Maybe a new split hair piece for Two-Face?