LEGO Marvel had a Secret Character…

Secret Character Glitch in LEGO Marvel Superheroes. Ranging across a wide range of LEGO Games from Lego Star Wars , Lego Dimensions & More .

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33 thoughts on “LEGO Marvel had a Secret Character…

  1. Theirs another glitch where you can turn into a car all you have to do is have player two fast travel to the same car thing that you are using but you have to activate the terminal at the same time as the person fast travels their

  2. Get in hydra tank. Drive front against flat wall. Switch to gunner seat. Shoot wall until bottom part of tank explodes. You’ll be falling through the floor so be someone who can fly. And now u can do all sorts of stuff

  3. You can do this essentially with any Character, that has a charged ability and an alternate minifigure design.
    It can also happen on random with normal characters, if the game just bugs out on its own.

  4. He’s basically just a Glitch generic character you can play as 😂

    So far you can do this glitch with Jean Grey, Thor, Green Goblin sometimes with Spiderman

  5. I don't really play games anymore but there's about 7 unlockable characters around the world that you can unlock by doing some hidden quests with certain characters.