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32 thoughts on “McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Dark Knight Trilogy Batman Figure @TheReviewSpot

  1. Todays drinking game: how many times will spot say “dark knight returns” instead of “dark knight rises” will we be passed out or die from alcohol poisoning…you decide.

  2. I finally found out the exact name of the action figure line I was referring to. Mattel made a line up for the Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises, called Movie Masters. Those were the ones I had referenced in other comments. I was lucky enough to get a few of them and they were actually really good looking figures. Mattel nailed them pretty darn good. The Scarecrow, Catwoman, the Dark Knight himself, and quite a few different 🃏🃏Joker🃏🃏figures as well as a couple of his henchmen. When I finally got the Bane figure however, I was in the process of boxing up a lot of my collection. So I actually never was able to take it out of the package and see it in hand. I'm NOT a MIB or a MIP collector. I open my figures/Die-Cast cars etc. That said, I am interested in finding a good looking Bane figure from the movie line. The only issue? The McFarlane figures are scaled an inch bigger, where as Mattel's line-up consisted of 6" scale figures, McFarlane's are around the 7" mark giving them a big difference in scale. Technically Bane IS usually a much bigger character than Batman anyways. The earlier McFarlane Bane figure towers over Batman so maybe this could work with the 6" scale? Just curious if any of the viewers have both sizes and both brands? And if so, do they scale well together? Thanks for sharing any comments.

  3. Better than Mattel figure ? You not have mattel batman dark knight ?
    I don’t understand why they immediately disappeared from sale so quickly even before the release)