REACTION: Hot Toys Michael Keaton Batman [Flash Movie] 1/6 Scale Figure REVEALED!

REACTION: Hot Toys Michael Keaton Batman [Flash Movie] 1/6 Scale Figure REVEALED!

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【The Flash – 1/6th scale Batman (Modern Suit) Collectible Figure】
“You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts.” – Batman
Barry Allen uses his superpowers to travel back in time in order to change the events of the past, but his attempt to save his family alters the future. Now Berry must work speedy in searching for superheroes to overcome the universal threats. This epic adventure of The Flash crossed paths with our fan favorite DC characters, including Batman. He is donning in the cape and cowl once again to save not only the city but the worlds this time!
As we count down the days to Michael Keaton’s return as Batman in The Flash, Hot Toys is excited to launch the new collection series based on the movie by introducing a truly stunning 1/6th scale Batman (Modern Suit) collectible figure. Make sure to pre-order and receive the First Edition Exclusive Accessory – Batman Cowl with Stand – for extended display.
The movie-accurate figure captured Michael Keaton as Batman in his Modern Suit from The Flash in one-sixth scale with exquisite details delicately and beautifully restored. Features a newly developed Bruce Wayne head sculpt and a Batman cowled head with interchangeable lower faces, both heads come with separate rolling eyeballs system for angle adjustments. The specialized body highlights Batman’s muscular form also allows great articulation, a highly detailed Batsuit and interchangeable fabric bat capes to replicate the texture detail, signature Bat gadgets including line launcher, rope attached batarang, ninja wheels, remote, bomb timer, and a specially designed LED lighted display stand with Batman logo to set up your own Batcave.
The First Edition exclusively includes a Batman cowl with stand as bonus accessory. It’s a superb collectible for fans of the Dark Knight!
This Batman figure will make a remarkable present among your Bat collection.

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28 thoughts on “REACTION: Hot Toys Michael Keaton Batman [Flash Movie] 1/6 Scale Figure REVEALED!

  1. Loved the review!!!…..but I'm sticking to the 1st release of the Hot Toys Michael Keaton's 1989 DX-09 BatMan from its release in 2012. That face and the "PERS" system on the Hot Toys looks SO MUCH LIKE MICHAEL KEATON!!!!! PERIOD!👍😃

  2. I know some people said if the movie is terrible they didn't want the figure but i disagree with that. Hot toys did amazing job on this figure but michael Keaton is my favorite and last chance to purchase something like this is a no brainer for me

  3. Honestly the way the named this the modern suit tells me something. If the movie is successful than we might get all versions of his batsuits that appear. I mean batman and iron man figures sells the most so it could be a cash grab by ht.

  4. The kids today haven't a clue how special it was to watch MK as the Dark Knight. Adam West was the legend, but MK is just the GOAT, as far as film.

    The old people arent going to Flash to see Ezra.

  5. Really looking forward to the Flash movie. I'm not the biggest fan of The Flash character. But I can't wait to see Batfleck on the big screen again. And I do like the Supergirl scènes from the tings that I have seen in the trailers. And I know for the 💯 percent that Michael Keaton will shine in every single scene where he will be in. He is the legend. No other words needed. On this figure. It's very close to perfection. They still are high end action figures and statue still means a little more to me, but we can't deny that Hot Toys delivers quality. The likeness is spot on. I do love the new suit. So many possible ways to pose him. This will fly of the shelves. I'm pretty sure of it 🦇👍💪

  6. I've been collecting 1/6 figures for the last year now and it's such a good time to be a Batman fan. Hot Toys is re-releasing the 89 figure, along with the Batmobile. JazzInc is making the 89 Batmobile as well as others and the Batwing. I've been hoping and waiting for Hot Toys to announce this Batman and I'm super excited for him!