REVIEW: LEGO Batcave Shadow Box 76252 – Largest LEGO DC Set Ever!

Beyond the Brick’s Adam Nies (aka @AntBandit) review the new LEGO Batcave Shadow Box set with 3,981 pieces!

What do you think about this set? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to LEGO for sending this set for review.

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24 thoughts on “REVIEW: LEGO Batcave Shadow Box 76252 – Largest LEGO DC Set Ever!

  1. After seeing the Flash, I think this batcave was meant to be a tie in for that movie. I can’t confidently say that, but it feels like it was simple for them to just adjust it and make it a Burton era Batman set and remove the elements that would relate it to that movie.

  2. Way too nitpicky here. It's a shadow box. I don't know what they could do to make the batcave be more than what it is, which is pretty darn good.

  3. This should have just been a Batcave set i see no added value with the extra pieces they put into building the shadow box and the Batmobile is the same as the 76224 set could have been sold separately. For the price i'd rather buy the Cantina or Lion Knights Castle.

  4. it may not move due to the cowl and cape but that is movie accurate. In the movie he always had to move his shoulder in order to look because of that issue too

  5. Lego cheaped out on the minifigures and that is going to cost them big time. Put your money to better use with far superior sets and don't reward laziness by spending 400$ on poor Lego decisions.

  6. As much as I like the "unique" take on it, I still feel rather ripped off with the price and pieces when most of them are only used for… well, building the 'box'. Personally I prefer Lego pieces being used to resemble buildings, interiors, or figures. But that's just me.