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Ultimately, Batman’s victory is achieved by using Superman’s love for Lois Lane against him-dropping her from a building knowing that Superman’s inherent goodness will overpower Ivy’s toxin and bring him back to his senses in enough time to rescue Lois. Instead, what we see is the Dark Knight’s peerless ability to think on the fly, using all that he knows about Superman against him. This leads to a violent confrontation between the two that finds Batman using Wonder Woman as bait to draw Superman into the cold Siberian wilderness. Only in this case, the woman is Poison Ivy, who has taken control of Superman and set him loose on an unprepared Batman and Catwoman in this classic confrontation from Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee’s BATMAN: HUSH. Who knew that she could be so handy? The influence on this concept is apparent in simply the name of the man who first abused her by pushing her out that window: Max Shreck, which is also the name of the actor who played the vampiric Count Orlock in F.W. Let’s get the big, obvious one out of the way first. Some of these ended with Batman as the victor, some with Superman and some were draws, but reading any of them is the perfect way to get prepped and pumped for their big screen battle next week.

The most recent battle on the list, this acclaimed Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo storyline kicked off with Batman single-handedly taking down some of the Justice League’s heaviest hitters, including Wonder Woman, the Flash and Aquaman, and culminating in a massive battle against a sinister Superman. For those who were baffled by the Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice trailer, hopefully this will give a bit more insight as two why these two heroes would battle each other instead of their enemies. In this gritty confrontation, Batman pulls no punches, utilizing Kryptonite (shot by an Oliver Queen who clearly has one major chip on his shoulder), his tank-like Batmobile and two highly-charged electric gauntlets to bring Superman down. And in this future, Batman decided to brainwash everyone who won’t side with him by rewriting their cells and the suit is specifically created for that purpose since that is literally the only way to save the world. In LEGO Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes, the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin join other famous super heroes from the DC Universe including Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern to save Gotham City from destruction at the hands of the notorious villains Lex Luthor and the Joker.

So many fights in life seem to be over a woman. Will he serve as mentor to Barbara Gordon (Leslie Grace), or will he try to turn her away from the crime-fighting life? As a wholly new Batman will be onscreen in Batman vs. Which is why things like Tom King’s Wally and Batman bothers me more and make me feel like those aren’t them, eventhough their power and look remains the same. Usually when a character’s gains power they usually don’t have especially when they are temporary, I wont have a problem and feel as if they are not “that character” as long as they aren’t out of character. Make sure you’re picking out a game you can actually play with your headset. It is a Batman that’s desperate enough to do such thing to his friends so you can argue he’s basically another character entirely. He can fight crime for as long as it takes; he’s Gotham’s defender, after all. Neither of the heroes would really win if they were to fight because neither would give up until one or both of them were dead, and they’d never do that to each other. 78 back in 2011. Written by Joe and Jack Kelly and drawn by Ed Benes, this single issue story gets meta as it looks in on a pair of young Batman and Superman fans debating which of the two heroes would win in a fight while imagining a massive melee between them that culminates with Superman throwing Batman into outer space before Batman turns the tables by blocking out the sun with a squadron of probes.

It’s just that when the friends in question happen to be two of the most popular super heroes in the world, those falling outs tend to get messy. Yes, the Man of Steel and Dark Knight are pals, batman dog costume but even the greatest of friends have falling outs. Batman thing-even with Batman’s considerable intelligence and resources, Superman is still overwhelmingly more powerful than the Dark Knight. Over the years, many of our best writers and artists have given in to the allure of pitting the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight against each other in a brains-vs-brawn fight to the finish. So, it’s safe to say that Superman took this fight. Of the battles on the list, this one may be the most passive, batman dog costume but it’s also the only one that acknowledges the elephant in the room when it comes to the whole Superman vs. It’s a shocking and extreme tactic and it makes clear the very distinct differences between our two heroes, suggesting that Batman’s willingness to blur the line about heroic behavior may be enough to give him the advantage. Alphabet’s Google said it has blocked mobile apps connected to Russian broadcasters RT and Sputnik from its Play store, in line with an earlier move to remove Russian state publishers from its news-related features.

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