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In 2016 alone, according to an article on Forbes, Funko Pops generated a revenue of $425 million, this is not including the rare ones that people buy and resell for an even larger amount of money. Buy them from another seller expect to pay more than double their regular price! They cost regular price here but if you wait. If you are trying to build up your Game of Thrones collection, then these two are a great addition as they are relatively low in price compared to others yet super rare and hard to find. Joker was willing to team up with Batman to defeat Owlman and even saved Batman and a boy’s life in two different occasions. There are literally Funko Pop toys for everything that you can imagine, even some of the older Disney movies like Aladdin and Dumbo have their characters turned into Pop figures. He is pretty popular in pop culture, even years after his latest movie was released. These two figures were released in 2014 as an exclusive to ThinkGeek. This happened when they both guest-starred in the three-part Superman: The Animated Series episode “World’s Finest,” the first Crossover between the two series and the first confirmation of their Shared Universe.

Now this is technically two Funko Pop Figurines, but it is one of the hardest packs to find. Superheroes are always fan favorites when it comes to Funko Pop figurines, batman beyond cosplay probably because of all of the history behind the toys. It is no surprise that Two-Face is one of the most coveted and popular figurines, seeing as Batman has a number of figurines on this list alone and is also one of the most popular superheroes of all time. They are inclusive of all types of cosplay from anime to superheroes to anything you can think of. Shazam was one of the most beloved DC superheroes of all time yet he only received one version of a figurine that was released way back in 2011. There are others like him, for example, Aqua man and Martian Manhunter. This particular figure was released way back in 2013, when The Walking Dead was just starting to get popular. Batman finds the device receiving the signals and shuts it off, then barely escapes the police chasing after him by turning the vehicle into the Batmissile, batman beyond costume scraping its way through a narrow alley. The mob bosses meet to discuss how to handle Batman, Gordon, and Dent, while a Chinese mobster accountant, Lau, lets the gang leaders know he has taken their money to Hong Kong to prevent the police and the district attorney from seizing it in an imminent bank raid.

Bruce now as Batman chases after Bane and his mercenaries; however, he causes more problems with the police force opt to pursue him rather than the criminal as he was still the accused murderer of Harvey Dent. Alfred later informed Bruce the following morning that the Batsuit had been damaged beyond repair. Miller took readers to a dark future in The Dark Knight Returns, which featured the darkest and most violent Dark Knight fans had ever seen in a simplified Batsuit. He views Batman as not just a thorn in his side, but as an opposite – one he’s not truly willing to get rid of, during the time he had Bat Mite’s power he could and did easily kill the Dark Knight multiple times only to resurrect him and then ultimately realizing how horrible things would be for him if he ever won. Also popular were Dark Horse Comics characters Hellboy, Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. The baddie’s real-life name in the comics is Roman Sionis whose origin story involves being born to rich. These cute, and sometimes creepy, little action figures started being released around 2010-2011 and since then they have only increased in popularity.

Their skills and powers might differ – especially in terms of their identity being hidden/revealed – but I think it’s safe to say they serve their purpose very well to both Iron Man and Batman. Again, that might make for a better game, but as a Spider-Man simulation, it’s missing a signficant chunk of the experience. Not only a brilliantly authentic presentation of its subject matter but a tremendous game in its own right, Batman: Arkham Asylum is a big, clever and finely crafted experience which propels Rocksteady immediately into the realm of triple-A developers. Two-Face was one of the earliest Batman villains to become a Pop figure in 2011, so only those who started collecting early in the game were able to get their hands on this figure without a problem. June Finch (Holly Hunter), a congresswoman who wants to hold Superman accountable; Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), a xenophobic villain planning to annihilate this alien interloper; and Batman, who’s waging his own war against criminals while figuring out what to do about the Man of Steel. “Batman is a superhero who doesn’t have any magical powers but he can fight his enemies with his own strength …

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