Beverly Hills auction house gears up to sell iconic Hollywood memorabilia

(20 Apr 2023)
Beverly Hills, Calif., 18 April 2023
1. Wide exterior shot Julien Auctions
2. Wide interior show room
3. Cleopatra headdress
4. Wide of Men in Black suits
5. SOUNDBITE (English) Kody Frederick, Julien’s Auction Gallery Director:
“TCM and Julien’s Auctions, Hollywood Classic and Contemporary has property from 1917’s Cleopatra Silent era film, The headdress of Cleopatra herself. We have Men in Black suits. We have Harry Potter robes. We’ve got John Wick’s suit. We’ve got Forest Gump’s military garb. We’ve got it all from classic era films to modern day.”
6. Zoom out Harry Potter Slytherin robe and prisoner of Azkaban pajamas
7. Close up John Wick
8. Zoom out John Wick suit
9. Lego Movie theatrical release figure
10. SOUNDBITE (English) Kody Frederick, Julien’s Auction Gallery Director
“At this Hollywood auction we have full sized Lego characters. We’ve got The Simpsons sitting on the couch enjoying a nice television program. We have Kung Fu Panda. And of course, the minions all full size ready for you to put in your living room and give a hug to.”
11. Lego Movie theatrical release figure and Batman cowl from Batman Begins
12. Simpsons figures
13. Zoom in Kung Fu Panda
14. Kevin and Stuart Minions figures
15. SOUNDBITE (English) Kody Frederick, Julien’s Auction Gallery Director:
“Here are Julien’s auctions we have Charlie Chaplin’s cane. Spin it around. We have Rami Malek’s Freddie Mercury worn stage costume. We’ve got Star Wars property, including Rey’s staff, C-3PO’s hand, Marvel property, including Iron Man’s helmet, War Machine’s helmet, Wolverine’s claws. It’s all coming to you.”
16. Wide shot galley floor
17. Zoom out Rami Malek’s wore Freddie Mercury suit
18. Zoom out Rey’s staff from The Force Awaken’s
19. C-3PO hand
20. Captain America helmet
21. Avengers War Machine helmet
22. SOUNDBITE (English) Kody Frederick, Julien’s Auction Gallery Director
“With TCM and Julien’s Auctions, our Hollywood Classic and Contemporary auction covers from the beginning of film to modern day film April 21 and 22. Come on out and bid live in the room in Beverly Hills online at Julien’s live dot com or via phone. We look forward to seeing you.”
23. Various auction items
A Beverly Hills auction house is gearing up to sell some of its most iconic Hollywood memorabilia.

Julien’s Auctions will be hosting its Hollywood Classic and Contemporary auction on April 22 and 23, which will feature a wide array of items, from the classic 1917 “Cleopatra” headdress to costumes from “Harry Potter,” “John Wick” and “Men In Black.”

Those interested can bid online at or go in person to their Beverly Hills location.


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