Talking Batman Deleted Scene With ‘The Flash’ Filmmakers & More

Andy and Barbara Muschietti, the brother/sister filmmaking team behind DC’s The Flash, speak with the ReelBlend boys about the revolutionary technology behind Ezra Miller playing dual roles, how Michael Keaton came on board the project, what to expect from the film’s deleted scenes and much, much more. We also get into reviews for Extraction 2 and tons of behind-the-scenes interview shenanigans.

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:55 – Interview
00:23:23 – Behind the interview
00:28:00 – the Flash Spoiler Free Reaction
00:40:15 – Extraction 2 Reviews
00:49:23 – Outro

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36 thoughts on “Talking Batman Deleted Scene With ‘The Flash’ Filmmakers & More

  1. The Flash was great. Sad to see it’s not doing well at the box office. I think there’s just too many big big movies every single week and people are picky over which ones they will go to now. And this version of the DCEU seems to be dead so I just think people lost interest.

  2. Kevin Conroy is my all time favorite Batman. He brought us a Batman that truly is the world’s greatest detective but is also surprisingly vulnerable and actually had a sense of humor. Listening to him go head to head with Mark Hamill’s Joker is such a treat. I absolutely love his take on the character. Even though the Nolan trilogy has my favorite Batman films and I can’t wait to see what else Robert Pattinson does with the character, Kevin Conroy’s Batman in the animated series and Mask of the Phantasm will always hold a special spot in my heart. RIP Mr. Conroy

  3. The theatre that I saw The Flash at, they played the movie super pixelated… You could see jagged edges on the actors tapered shoulders, moire going nuts on shirts, I was pissed but I didn't want to walk out and complain because dammit I waited loong enough to see this movie! haha But yeah that suuuuuuuucked. The movie was great though.

  4. My issue is DCs concept of time travel. Barry going back does not change how early Martha and Thomas do the no pants dance resulting in a different aged Bruce while keeping with the same death/Batman origin story. A different Bruce… absolutely if he changed something which changed when the Wayne's do the no pants dance, then a different swimmer would have gotten to Martha's egg, or even a different egg. But a different combination in different decades resulting in the same Batman origin…?

    On that same subject… During one of the many times when "young" Barry changes stuff he also goes back to change when Kalels parents do the no pants dance resulting in different versions of Kalel? Or some form of result where Zod captures Kalel while in transit to Earth.

    My useless end interpretation is was just Gunns way of giving the "people" the finger to everything before him, while telling everyone from this point forward there's no such thing as canon, it's all being tosses out and to just deal with it. Because his version will somehow become THE better version… oh wait… isn't that what DCU says every few years anyway as they try to catch the Marvel flame?

  5. I see all your problems. But it didn’t happen to hamper any of the excitement and my viewing pleasure. This movie was awesome 10/10. Great culmination of DC history!

  6. Christian Bale is my favorite Batman. I grew up on Keaton’s Batman, but Nolan and Bale were the first to give us a balanced look at billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, private Bruce Wayne, and Batman in the suit. They also gave us the most comprehensive telling of the Batman mythos, checking multiple boxes from major events in Batman’s stories from the comics. Affleck is a close 2nd favorite, but he doesn’t get first for me because he never got a solo movie.

  7. My favourite Batman is Ben Affleck.
    His voice has replaced Conroy’s in my head when reading a comic.

    I think he deserved more, but I really value what we got of him in the role.

  8. My favorite Batman is definitely Michael Keaton. To me, he's the gold standard. Equally amazing as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. He has the best suit and the best Batmobile. But I next see robert pattinson making a run for the top spot after The Batman part 3

  9. If I have to hear one more dork who saw The Fabelman's who doesn't know shit about photography reference that David Lynch/John Ford scene, I'm gonna jump off a bridge. I love Steven Spielberg, but I hate him for giving people like you that ammunition for movie reviews. Horizons are in the middle of the frame all the time, Steven Spielberg himself does it all the time. The guy who shot this movie has been shooting movies for as long as you have been alive, you do not know more than him because you watched the new Spielberg joint.