The 2023 LEGO Batman Batcave is NOT GOOD

76252 LEGO Batman Returns Batcave Shadowbox Summer 2023 DC set from the 1992 was officially revealed and it’s bad IMO. The minfigiures of Catwoman, Penguin, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, and Max Shreck rule but like, what is that $450 price and framing of the box?!

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36 thoughts on “The 2023 LEGO Batman Batcave is NOT GOOD

  1. 6:21 personally i’ve been waiting for lego to do a dual molded cowl like that forever now

    i feel like i speak for everyone when i say i hated taking off the cowl and seeing that big white streak across his forehead especially sense it made it so you couldn’t use that figures head for anything but batman.
    so in my opinion the dual molded cowl is a godsend

  2. Think this is really cool, just purchased with 2x VIP points. Might try adding some cheap strip LED lights to it. Either way it’s a truly unique and displayable set I will be glad to have being a huge Batman fan and even bigger LEGO fan.

  3. Thinking back on it… this batcave isn't even the returns cave its the 89 cave. The one from returns has everything on rocks sticking out of the side of a narrow casem but the 89 batcave has everything on metal platforms hung over a abyss and round platform for the car

  4. I feel like they missed an oportunity with that new helmet. Given the fact that the eyes are molded on, they could have printed normal lego eyes on it, without worrying about having a long face under the cowl.

  5. I know you're right this batcave is not good. It's great. I already bought it. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be putting this bitch together with a smile on my face while everyone else is complaining about the minifigures and the batcave being too black and gray instead of all the colors in a rainbow. This one is 100 times better than all the other batcaves Lego has came out with. Fold it up for display and unfold it for play.

  6. i like that its based on batman returns. from the tum burton batman universe. do like the minifigs. but the price and how big it is got to pass up on it. inspiration for building a small version maybe. one of those appreciate sets.

  7. I completely agree with you about how the batcave should’ve been the older one with brown cave. Half of it we don’t even need and have to pay a premium for the entire front lid. Most of us will probably use it as an actual cave underneath the city but if I’m going to do that I’ll build it myself. In my eyes it’s key to have awesome exclusive Minifigures in sets like this. Personally I don’t really care much for interiors either, let’s be honest; who sits there and plays with the interiors? Nobody after the age of 6yrs. I almost feel like telling lego to save money by not giving us all these small extra pieces too. We have a lot of small extra pieces.

    Next thing we’ll need to do is match Lego’s pick a brick warehouse.

  8. My grip isn't the colors, it's the choice of representing the batman returns film. don't get wrong, it's a great film but I woulda personally liked if they went with a comic batman build since in the comics, the batcave had more interesting things, like the big green dinosaur.

  9. I like that lego is leaning more into dual molds for helmets and stuff. I personally think it works because you can have the Bruce Wayne head inside the Batman cowl after years of just white bandages or whatever it is making the eyes

  10. I hate Lego sets that are in dull colours (black, grey and white) which is why I don't buy any Batman or Star Wars sets. I don't blame you for not liking this either.

  11. i WILL buy this! i just need to get some more space at the new place im moving to with my dad so i will bring half my lego there from my mom, mostly gonna have ninjago city gardens, sanctum and some of the cooler sets on display at my dads so this will be perfect since im a huge batman fan

  12. I do like the dual-moulded piece, but I do agree with you that it's the wrong piece to use in this particular set. I love it as a comic-accurate cowl, but for Batman Returns? I think they should have had the eyes showing through. Maybe they could have printed the eyes onto the dual-moulded cowl eyes? Idk. Hope the dual-moulded piece becomes more standard for comic Batman. And I hope we get it in shades of blue.

  13. Need to see this in person I think. I'm very curious to. The catwoman figure is a must (though cmon, leg printing!), but the set… It's a really strange choice.

    Man when you compare it to the Daily Bugle for example… It's definitely a disappointment.

  14. Little known secret about this Batcave is that Alfred personally had the ladders installed so he could work on doing his core workouts while balancing the tray with teacups and teapot on his head.

  15. Alot of people hating on this set because its a box but MoC's will come out in a few months with better alternatives.

    That huge front batsign build can be used as something else.