The Chaotic Past of The Dark Knight

The Chaotic Past of The Dark Knight. Let’s dive into the making of one of the biggest Batman films of all time.

0:00 Intro
0:57 The Unexpected Batman Sequel
2:26 Casting
4:28 Hans Zimmer gets creative
6:15 Budget Upgrade
6:52 The Bat suit and other innovations
9:54 The Joker Reborn
11:18 Filming Begins
16:20 Practical Effects
17:55 Two Unexpected Tragedies
19:04 Christopher Nolan Remembers Heath Ledger
22:24 The World Mourns
23:00 The Hype, Marketing, and Release

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9 thoughts on “The Chaotic Past of The Dark Knight

  1. The gotham monorail system is still actually included in The Dark Knight and even Rises

    One scene showing the new black Wayne tower and the bombing scene in Rises

  2. This was very nice, really enjoyed this. Im now rewatching the Dark Knight because of this video. All the scenes you mentioned I will watch it twice ! Great video and thanks

  3. I remember all the "conspiracy theories" that came out surrounding Heath's death. They were so wrong.

    One of the things that stuck with me about his performance is that Joker never reveals how he actually got those scars. He would change his story depending on who he was threatening. It made the character's backstory more mysterious.

  4. Baby you got a stew! 😂
    Also, wow this brought back memories of how successful and unique this film was and how it changed pop culture! I also distinctly remember when I heard about heaths death. He really did seem like a genuine soul and I’m so sad he died so soon. GREAT video! Didn’t feel long at all and I was sad when it ended!