The Dark Knight (2008) | *First Time Watching* | Asia and BJ


Thank y’all for joining us on our new channel, Reelin With Asia and BJ! We are more than excited to start on this new venture tuning into some of the greatest movies of all time and sharing our first-time reactions with you all! Sit back, buckle up, grab some popcorn, and let’s get these reels rolling!!

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23 thoughts on “The Dark Knight (2008) | *First Time Watching* | Asia and BJ

  1. this movie, and TENET are my 2 favorite Christopher Nolan movies. I think the third Batman movie was forced upon him, in which he was already done with. It wasn't nearly as well though out as this one…

  2. just watched this one with you guys. glad you loved it. Asia is so funny and amazing.

    did you watch The Dark Knight Rises? i haven't seen it in your Library. hope you watch it soon!
    i think its time to be a Patron Member.

  3. Because of the ways that different writers have portrayed the Joker through the comics, there is a theory that there are three Jokers: the Clown, the Crazy, and the Gangster. Nicholson in the first Batman was the Clown. Ledger was the Crazy. And he did a damned good job of it.

  4. I remember when this came out back in 2008, me and some friends of mine when to the movie theaters and it was fun and exciting movie and Heath Ledger played that part of the Joker. Rest in peace to him. The whole cast was awesome! Iโ€™m a big fan of scary movies, yโ€™all havenโ€™t seen the rest of the Scream series yet?

  5. @ 12:13, Just my 2 cents IMO… When you are analyzing Joker, you need to know one thing. Joker is a pure evil incarnate – unstoppable evil – whose main aim is chaos – of whatever and whichever and whomever – no plans, no profits, no gains – he takes joy and his life's oxygen is to create chaos and watch the world suffer and burn – THAT IS IT…