The Making of ‘BATMAN RETURNS’ Behind The Scenes

Batman Returns (1992)
The Making of, Behind The Scenes – Special Features.

Film discription: When a corrupt businessman and the grotesque Penguin plot to take control of Gotham City, only Batman can stop them, while the Catwoman has her own agenda.

Director: Tim Burton
Cast: Michael Keaton (Batman / Bruce Wayne), Danny DeVito (Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot), Michelle Pfeiffer (Catwoman / Selina Kyle). Christopher Walken (Max Shreck), Michael Gough (Alfred Pennyworth), Pat Hingle (Commissioner James Gordon)



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42 thoughts on “The Making of ‘BATMAN RETURNS’ Behind The Scenes

  1. I gotta say, as a young kid who LOVED batman as a kid watching these movies, I really cant believe how great michelle was as catowman. Really left an impression on me for a character I other wise never cared for.

  2. Michelle Pfeiffer pull this off so fluently. And gracefully. In a way she reminded me of Christopher Reeve when he played Superman because I found out. That he was a glider pilot so he could fly very easily. On the cream and he made it seem so easy. And he moved his body the way he wanted to to make it look like he was coming towards the camera. Which is what Richard Donovan was looking for.. Batman forever was so awesome as well. You put Jim Carrey and Tom Tommy Lee Jones. If I am correct on his name. He played Harvey too faced. You put the two of them together it was funny as hell. I’m sorry to say it like that but that’s how I saw it it was hilarious.. Danny DeVito what an actor. He did a heckuva job playing the penguin he pulled it off so good. He was also excellent in Matilda. I think his character was Harry wormwood I believe in Matilda and his actual wife was really really good the two of them. Made Matilda so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. You all are wonderful actors. Now Michael Keaton. He was excellent in Beetlejuice. Not to mention Jack Frost which was also another good movie. Again you guys are all awesome actors and actresses 13:40

  3. i had this film on a vhs-tape and watched it over and over again as a kid (waaaay too young tbh). it really fascinated and shaped me in retrospective. the music, the costumes, adult themes and darkness sucked me right in. i do exactly remember that the scariest part for me was the "death" and transformation of selina kyle in her apartment, that was overwhelming as a 6-year-old 😀 but i loved every minute of it. im 32 years old now and this movie still has a special place in my heart.

  4. I like Annette Benning, but geez we must all be fucking glad that she got pregnant (same goes for Sean Young, although she can be intense… she's just too crazy). Pfeiffer… the body… the eyes… the charisma… the acting, naturally.

  5. Catwoman isn't a villain in the movie. The Penguin is the villain, Shreck is a sub-villain. She's an anti-hero. And in this story, she's… like a joker.
    Michelle Pfeiffer should have had her own fucking film.

  6. The way this is edited is absolutely unbearable. I mean it was clearly done to publicize the movie but it's like an ad that never stops, or like, when they give you a sort of short trailer of what the show is gonna be before it really starts. Except here it just never ends. 1 second movie excerpt, cut, 2 seconds of interview, cut, another movie scene, cut. Even zoomers probably aren't ADD enough to watch this garbage but if they DO have ADD today it's because they grew up watching shit like this on tv.

  7. How are you going to describe a set as fascist twice and then immediately afterwards reference Russian architecture?

    These Hollywood losers are so bent out of shape over McCarthyism they can't just admit when something is communism.

  8. & I also booed the movie Batman Returns. You all have this I-don't-care attitude about the Batman impersonators that got arrested nationwide. Worst of all: You don't even care much for Hocus-Pocus/Carl Hansen. Since I referred Hocus-Pocus/Carl Hansen to the Joker/Jack Napier. Since they're both circus clowns. You all have also scoffed at Kindergarten Cop/the Nursery School Cop. What are you going to do about the American women and girls of all ages who aren't Batman fans? What about the Green Hornet and Dick Tracy fans? I even booed Catwoman/Selina Kyle. 🎪 🤡

  9. I loved it as a kid. I collected the full set of Batman Collector Cards. I remember getting the very last card to complete the set and how good that felt. I also got the Batman necklace pens from McDonalds.

  10. What a councidence, just watched the Cheers episode which had Robert Urich as a guest star to promote the Boston based Spencer: For Hire and here he is as the host. Nice.

  11. Crazy theres no mention of Christopher Walken who was already a highly respected actor by this point from DEER HUNTER and THE DEAD ZONE. Also Doug Jones & Andrew Bryanarski in early roles for them as the baby stealing clown and Max Shreck's son respectively