The Symbiote Borrowed Peter’s Body! | Symbiote Spider-Man

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33 thoughts on “The Symbiote Borrowed Peter’s Body! | Symbiote Spider-Man

  1. Kinda gives off body snatcher vibes
    This would be terrible
    I'm exhausted, beat up, and need sleep, but u take my body, go out, and get me even MORE fucked up so I can't go to school/work the next day? Not cool at all bro😂

    The kicker here is it didn't even give Peter it's higher tier abilities like camouflage, shape shifting to make it bigger, tendrils, etc.
    I know it's B4 the symbiote gets all those abilities but come on😂

  2. Symbiotes are looking for the perfect Warrior to bond with to create the ultimate warrior . Venom copied Spider-Man’s face becux it respected him as a warrior . Carnage never met a true warrior that’s why his face is extremely distorted .

  3. Yoo the spider sense knew venom was trying something even before peter could know no wonder the spider sense doesn't work on venom

    Spider sense: ay yo yoooooooooo pet-
    Venom: shut up!