The Ultimate Batman Pitch Meeting Compilation

Step inside the pitch meetings that led to The Batmans!

Watching the whole thing is super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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The Ultimate Batman Pitch Meeting Compilation

Top Gun: Maverick Pitch Meeting:

0:00 The Batman
6:54 Batman Returns
13:01 Batman Begins
19:37 The Dark Knight
23:46 The Dark Knight Rises

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37 thoughts on “The Ultimate Batman Pitch Meeting Compilation

  1. So glad he pointed out the riddlers plot. In a blink of an eye, he went from supposedly killing crooked politician and "bad people", to flooding the entire city and killing thousands of innocent people. I know im in a big minority, but this movie was not good to me.

  2. 23:20 "He's the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now"

    Gotham is a cesspit that deserves a guy like Batman, a dark knight that breaks the law and is willing to do the ugly stuff that no-one else can.

    However it needs a someone likes Harvey Dent, a white knight, who works within the law and can inspire its people to be better

  3. I really enjoy pitch meeting, but the subliminal phone ringing sound constantly in the background causes me anxiety every time until I figure out what it is! Anyone else have that probum?

  4. "pay to see a completely black screen and we can play like a Batman audio book or something"

    Warner Bros' "write that down, SOMEBODY WRITE THAT DOWN!"

  5. Itโ€™s OK that theyโ€™re ammonia. Yes, Cheryl five work do you wanna watch a show in the show season usually one season do you watch that one yeah Lol

  6. โ€œHow did Batman get back from India with no money or resources into a City thatโ€™s under lockdown?โ€
    โ€œBECAUSE HEโ€™S BATMAN!โ€

  7. 4:46 – Forgot to mention that this character's name is Officer Martinez – the whole movie he was masquerading around as diverse representation only to turn around and be the only person who has an uncle that installs carpet as a trade… I actually got cultural whiplash – because he's a likeable character, played well by a likeable actor, he has a nice character arc throughout the movie that isn't distracting, but then solves the mystery by being … a Mexican stereotype?

    Not to mention, if Martinez had just LOOKED at the floor instead of calling Batman a "g*ddamn freak" the movie could've been over in twenty minutes. "Hey, a tucker!"

  8. I got an idea for pitch a meeting but I can't remember if you have coz i watched afew. Lol.
    If movies were somehow invented in the in like 1800s. How would you pitch it?