Trump’s lawyer makes MASSIVE misstep in courtroom, SCREWS Trump

The Legal Breakdown episode 58: @GlennKirschner2 joins to discuss Trump’s lawyer’s missteps in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case.

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29 thoughts on “Trump’s lawyer makes MASSIVE misstep in courtroom, SCREWS Trump

  1. Does anyone actually believe that someone as famous as Donald Trump could go into a busy New York City department store and stroll into a dressing room with an unknown woman for who knows what and for how long and it not be on the front page?

  2. This democrat propagandists wont utter a word about the Biden crime family, Biden and his family taking million$ from China in return for ??. DOJ and FBI election interference that helped Biden win the presidency, Anthony Blinken's election interference that helped Biden win the presidency in return for becoming Biden's Sec of State, main stream media's and big tech's election interference that helped Biden win the presidency, etc., etc..

  3. For another to be deceitful for others to deceive by Using an 'X' meaning, A of the left bottom of the line 'Girl' running up a 'Man'. The right bottom. 'Man' tracing up a' girl.'. Politically. If the bottom of that X, but if there bottom each line is a man and female. That of the people chosen to be the best possible person to align to a podium, but of a teleprompter that in which others would walk behind, because of what would not walk away and words that would lead people forward to a betterment for all.

  4. Now all the US has to do is crown trump the "kang"! It seems that he has gotten away w/everything & is above the law! Plus the media follows everything dumb thing he says & does! This would make him so happy & he could be a dictator like his friends- putin & kim jong un! How did we get so lucky?????😢😁😰

  5. I'm getting a bit weary of Tyler's amplifying and exaggerating anything Trump related. You'd think he was announcing the final round with each episode just to get viewers' click. I'm done getting my hopes up each time I see one of his hyped thumbnails.