“WHY ON EARTH ARE WE SELLING MOUNT?!” Rory Jennings RANTS as Chelsea set to sell Mount to Man Utd!

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31 thoughts on ““WHY ON EARTH ARE WE SELLING MOUNT?!” Rory Jennings RANTS as Chelsea set to sell Mount to Man Utd!

  1. chelsea selling mount not cause his english and think stupid english clubs will by him because his english no matter the price 😂. not because his so good

  2. Thee two are idiots!!
    Where do they get this £70m-£75m from?!
    Chelsea are wanting to get £50m-£55m.
    "A bit more money"…?…he is asking for £375k a week, which is ridiculous.

    That is £25k a week more than Chelsea's highest earner and a £295k a week wage hike, ffs.
    Koulibaly is also NOT getting £300k a week, although I will agree, he is getting far too much.
    "Aubameyang, £300k a week…what are you smoking kid?!
    He is on £160k a week, which is still far too much, but no where near £300k.
    Of course Mercenary Mount wants to leave Chelsea, why else would he be demanding £375k a week?!
    He wants to leave because he is not getting enough games….Pst! Mount me old son, there is a reason for that.
    Ok, he was Player of the Year two Seasons running, but he has been going downhill ever since and he has tried to cruise through this Season on the strength of that and it has not worked for him.
    Bad Players sale through their career, by the seat of their pants, good players work for it and World Class Players work their socks off for it.
    Mercenary Mount, this Season, has been in the "Bad Player" category.
    If he wants to know how it is REALY done, go have a conversation with Messi and Ronaldo, carry on the way he is, then go and ask Anelka, Carroll and the like how it is NOT done.
    The way it has gone with Mercenary Mount this Season, Man Utd can have him with CFC's blessing.
    Give them that £50m-£55m and they are done and would have got a fantastic deal.

  3. What would Mason Mount be worth if he had 5 years left on his contract? 50 mil with 1 year left could imply that he’s a 200m+ player with 5 years left.. the world has gone crazy! Is he better than Mane was last year? He went to Bayern for 30…

  4. This little prick rory said haaland would flop in the prem . Knows nothing about football . Is this the level that talksport employ nowadays , Used to be quite a rebellious station back in the days , It's a joke now

  5. The best thing about Mount is that he is aggressive player and suits Ten Hags type of play. Eriksen was literally walking in the FA cup final. Mount is an upgrade over Fred and Eriksen and goes straight into the starting 11

  6. 40 million for Mount is an abuse to his person as a player. There 're things some of you speaking don't know about why a Club agrees selling a certain player. It's not only about playing football there 're other component in attitude or Coach as well, u never know.

  7. Maybe losing Mason won’t hurt too bad but if all the other academy kids are sold as well, then we’re really going to erode the club identity